1241. The difference between Alpha and Beta bonds_____.

A. Alpha bonds are found at the beginning of a molecule, whereas beta bonds are found at the end of that molecule.
B. Alpha bonds are only found in fiber, whereas beta bonds are only found in starch.
C. Alpha bonds can be digested by human enzymes, whereas beta bonds are not digested by human digestive enzymes. *
D. Alpha bonds are the bonds that link glucose units to some other molecule, while beta bonds are the bonds that link glucose to some other molecule.

1242. The best type of fibre to eat for reducing constipation is _____.

A. Glycogen
B. Crude Fibre
C. Soluble Fibre
D. Insoluble Fibre *

1243. Undigested disaccharides

A. Can be absorbed by facilitated absorption
B. Can result in constipation
C. Will eventually be the reason why bacteria in the large intestine produce too much gas *
D. Will cause diverticulitis

1244. The chief function of carbohydrates we eat is to _____.

A. Maintain body fat
B. Provide energy *
C. Provide essential amino acids
D. Transport Vitamin A

1245. What compounds are formed by incomplete fat metabolism which in turn can be due to inadequate consumption of carbohydrates ?

A. Carbon Skeletons
B. Glucose
C. Amines
D. Ketone bodies *

1246. Aspartame____.

A. Is stable at high temperatures
B. May cause cancer
C. Provides about 4 KCAL per gram *
D. Is a carbohydrate

1247. Fructose is metabolized by .

A. Fructose 1-Phosphate pathway
B. Fructose 6-Phosphate pathway
C. Glyceraldehyde 3- phosphate pathway
D. Both A and B *

1248. Adding electrons to smaller, specialized molecules that are able to accept them is a common way that cells capture the energy that is released when large molecules break down. The process of accepting electrons is also known as.

A. Biosynthesis
B. Metabolism
C. Reduction *
D. Catalysis

1249. Which of the following compounds is responsible for coordinated regulation of glucose and glycogen metabolism?

B. Fructose, 2,6 Bisphosphate *
C. Acetyl-CoA
D. Fructose 1,6 Bisphosphate

1250. Which of the following is not a post transcriptional modification of RNA?

A. Splicing
B. 5 Capping
C. 3 Capping
D. Glycosylation *