1121. Congenital erythropoietic prophyria is due to deficiency of enzyme____________.

A. Uroporphyrinogen III cosynthase *
B. Ferrochelatase
C. Ferrochelatase
D. Coproporphyrinogen decarboxylase

1122. D cellss of pancrease secret____________.

A. Glucagon
C. Somatostatin *
D. Bombesin

1123. Indole ring is present in which amino acid?

A. Lysine
B. Valine
C. Histidine
D. Tryptophan *

1124. Food can be produced from rancidity by_____________.

A. Niacin
B. Tocopherol *
C. Copper
D. Aluminium

1125. Amylose is ______________.

A. Soluble in water *
B. Insoluble in water
C. Soluble in alcohol
D. Partially soluble in alcohol

1126. Protein attached to some non protein group is called __________.

A. Derived protein
B. Sample protein
C. Proteoses
D. Conjugated protein *

1127. Lipids are soluble in ________.

A. Organic solvents *
B. Organic and inorganic solvents
C. Inorganic solvents
D. Lipids have nothing to do with solubility.

1128. Animal fats are located particularly in ___________.

A. Skeleton Tissues
B. Cardiac Tissues
C. Connective Tissues
D. Adipose tissues *

1129. Animal and vegetable fats are _________.

A. Glycerols
B. Fatty acids
C. Triesters made from fatty acids and glycerol *
D. Tetraesters made from fatty acids and glycerol

1130. Triglycerides are easily hydrolyzed by enzymes called ________.

A. Lyases
B. Ligases
C. Lipases *
D. Hydrolases