1191. Galactosemai commonly is due to deficiency of ______.

A. Galactose 1 phosphatase uridyl transferace *
B. Galactose 1 Phosphatase
C. Glucose 1 phosphatase
D. Glucose 6 Phosphatase

1192. In which type of glycogen storage disease is hyper uricemia a feature ?

A. I *

1193. McArdles disease is due to the deficiency of _______.

A. Glucose 1 Phosphatase
B. Glucose 1,6 Phosphatase
C. Myophosphorylase *
D. Glucose 6 Phosphatase

1194. An enzyme not involved in glycolysis is ______

A. Enolase *
B. Phosphoglycero mutase
C. Aldolase
D. Glycerophophate dehydrogenase

1195. Phosphofructokinase is the key enzyme of ________.

A. Glycolysis *
B. Gluconeogensis
C. Beta Oxidation
D. TCA cycle

1196. Which metabolite of TCA cycle is used in detoxification of ammonia in brain______.

A. Alpha Ketoglutarate *
B. Omithine
C. Oxalocetate
D. Glycine

1197. In TCA cycle, citrate is converted in to after losing a molecule of H20?

A. Isocitrate
B. Cis Aconitate *
C. Oxaloacetate
D. Glucarate

1198. In TCA cycle substrate level phosphorylation occurs at ______.

A. Succinate dehydrogenase
B. Malonate reduction
C. Thiokinase *
D. None of the above

1199. Which of the following is correctly matched ?

A. Isocitrate to oxalo succinate -1 ATP is formed
B. Succinyl CoA to succinate – 1 ATP is formed *
C. Malate to oxaloacetate -1 ATP is formed
D. Succinate to fumarate – 1 ATP is formed

1200. The enzyme involved in the first committed step of glycolysis is _______.

A. Phosphofructokinase
B. Glucose-6-Phosphatase
C. Hexokinase *
D. Enolase