1611. The automatic machine used to do PCR these days is :

A. Thermo coupler
B. Thermo cycler *
C. Finger printer
D. Radioartographer

1612. Which of the following is used to clone a gene?

A. Recombinant DNA technology
B. Polymerase chain reaction
C. Gene sequencing
D. Both A & B *

1613. A condition that develops when liver cells lack a receptor for removing cholesterol from the blood is :

A. Familial hypercholesterolemia *
B. Diabetes mellitus
C. Myo cordial infarction
D. Cystic fibrosis

1614. Cystic fibrosis patients lack a gene that codes for :

A. Enzyme adenosine deaminase (ADA)
B. Gene cloning
C. Gene therapy
D. Transmembrane carrier of chloride ion *

1615 . The natural enzymes of bacteria that they use for their own protection against viruses are :

A. Restriction endonucleases *
B. Reverse transcriptase’s
C. RNA polymerases
D. Ligase

1616.A single stranded nucleotide sequence that will hybridize (pair) into a certain peice of DNA and can be used to search a genetic library for a certain gene is referred to as a :

A. Plasmid
B. Vector
C. Genome *
D. Probe

1617. A sequence of about 20 bases that are complementary to the bases on either side of the target DNA is :

A. Plasmids
B. Polypeptide chain
C. Primers *
D. Codon

1618. The Growth of a tissue is an artificial liquid medium us :

A. Gene Therapy
B. Tissue culture *
C. Another Culture
D. Callus

1619. Tissue culture has led to commercial method of producing millions of identical seedlings in a limited amount of space called :

A. Micro propagation *
B. Totipotent technique
C. Cellos formation
D. Cell suspension technique

1620. Which of the following can be used as vectors ?

A. Plasmids
B. DNA of bacterial viruses
C. Prions and Virons
D. Both A & B *