1571. Recombinant DNA contains DNA from:

A. Two different sources *
B. Three different sources
C. Two same sources
D. Three same sources

1572. DNA analysis is done to :

A. Diagnonse viral infections
B. Identify criminals
C. Determine evolution
D. All of these *

1573. A method of DNA sequencing in which DNA threads are chemically cut into pieces of different sizes is :

A. Angers method
B. Maxam-Gilbert method *
C. Hamilto’s method
D. Vortex method

1574. Natural extra chromosomal circular DNA molecules carrying genes for antibiotic resistance and fertility :

A. Recombinant DNA
B. Chimaeric DNA
C. Lambda Phage
D. Plasmids *

1575. In vortex method of transgenic animals gene is inserted :

A. By hand
B. Into egg *
C. Is not applicable
D. Both of these

1576. For biotehnology products which is the preferable vehicle :

A. Urine *
B. Milk
C. Sweat
D. Hairs

1577. Cumulus cells are those that :

A. Remain with follicular cells agerovulation occurs
B. Form corpus luteum
C. Form lining of the ovary
D. Cling to the egg after ovulation occurs

1578. Cloning of a gene refers to :

A. Removal of a gene from an organism
B. insertion of a gene into another organism
C. Production of manyidentical copies *
D. An attempt to repair a faulty gene

1579.Chimaeric DNA is also known as :

A. Recombinant DNA *
B. Complementary DNA
C. Vecor
D. Plasmid

1580. Lambda phage is :

A. Virus *
B. Bacterium
C. Plasmid
D. Host cell