1131. Insulin increases the following pathways in liver except_______.

A. Fatty acid synthesis
B. Glycogen synthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Glucose Synthesis *

1132. Fats provide twice energy more than _____.

A. Vitamins
B. Minerals
C. Carbohydrates *
D. Proteins

1133. Which of the following mineral is involved in protein metabolism and oxidation reactions?

A. Molybdenum *
B. Managnese
C. Magnesium
D. Calcium

1134. To regulate fluids in our body we need.

A. Sodium *
B. Iodine
C. Iron
D. Calcium

1135. Biuret solution is used to test for __________.

A. Vitamins
B. Proteins *
C. Carbohydrates
D. Fats

1136. A disease kwashiorkor is caused by deficiency of _______.

A. Vitamins
B. Proteins *
C. Carbohydrates
D. Ribose

1137. Most lipgenic ______.

A. Fructose *
B. Glucose
C. Galactose
D. Ribose

1138. Type II glycogen storage disorder is due to deficiency of ______.

A. Alpha-glucosidase *
B. Alpha-Galactosidase
C. Muscle Phosphorylase
D. Acid Lipase

1139. Dietary fibre is rich in _____.

A. Starch
B. Cellulose *
C. Collagen
D. Insulin

1140. A liquid which is used to test fats is called ______.

A. Ethanol *
B. Ethylene
C. Methanol
D. Glycol