1771. Under anaerboic condition the glycolysis of one of mole of glucose yeilds :

A. 8 moles of ATP
B. 2 moles of ATP *
C. 12 moles of ATP
D. 9 moles of ATP
E. 4 moles of ATP

1772. Which of the following will be increased in blood stream about 2 hours after taking a high fat diet ?

A. Chyloicrons *
B. Glucose
E. Ketone bodies

1773. Von-Gierke’s disease is due to the absence of enzyme :

A. Glycogen synthetase
B. Debranching enzyme
C. Glycogen phosphorylase
D. Glucose -6-Phosphatase *
E. Lysosomal acid maltase

1774. Which of the following statement is not true about citric acid cycle ?

A. It starts with condensation reaction
B. Oxygen is required at substrate level in this cycle *
C. Reactions of this cycle are catalyzed by 08 enzymes
D. The cycle comprises of 10 reactions
E. This cycle occurs in mitochondrion

1775. Sources of NADPH are :

A. Glycolysis
B. Hexose monphosphate shunt pathway 
C. Gluconeogenesis
D. Glycogenesis
E. Glycogenolysis

1776. Transmission of pyruvic acid will form amino acid _____:

A. Alanine *
B. Glycine
C. Serine
D. Thronine
E. Glutamine

1777. Glycogenesis from glucose-1-phosphate requires which of the following :

A. Phosphoglucomutase
B. Uridine trphophate
C. Alpha 1.6-glucosidase
D. A glycogen primer *
E. Uridine diphosphate

1778. Glycolysis is always anaerobic in :

A. Liver
B. Brain
C. RBCs *
D. Muscles
E. Kidneys

1779. THe compound with the greatest standard free energy is :

B. Phosphocreatine
C. Cycle AMP
D. Phosphoenol pyruvate *

1780. The enzyme not involved in the conversion of lactate to glucose is :

A. Fructose 1,6 bisphosphate
B. Glucose 6 phosphate
C. Phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase
D. Pyruvate carboxylase *
E. Pyruvate kinase