1051. Krebs cycle does not occur in______________.

A. Muscle
B. RBC *
C. Heart
D. Spleen

1052. Carnitine is formed from_________.

A. Arginine
B. Leucine
C. Lysine *
D. Serine

1053. Glutathion peroxidase contains ________________.

A. Zinc
B. Manganese
C. Selenium *
D. Molybdenum

1054. The protein of RNA which remains after mRNA is cut off is called______.

A. Intron *
B. Exon
C. Codon
D. Cistron

1055. Alpha helix of protein is stabilized by ______.

A. Covalent bond
B. Hydrogen Bond *
C. Hydrophobic Bonds
D. Vandrwall’s forces

1056. Principal fuel for myocardium is ______________.

A. Fatty acid *
B. Glucose
C. Ketones
D. Amino acid

1057. Alkaline phosphatase is provided by ___________.

A. Liver
B. Bone
C. Placenta
D. All of the above *

1058. Which biochemical reaction doesnot occur in mitochondria_______.

A. Kreb’s cycle
B. Urea cycle
C. Cori’s Cycle
D. Fatty acid synthesis *

1059. Which amino acid transport disorder_____________.

A. Cystinuria *
B. Tyrosinosis
C. Alkaptonuria
D. Albinism

1060. Structural proteins are

A. Fibrous *
B. Globular
C. Branched
D. Compound