291. Examples of mono unsaturted fatty acids are______________?
A. Oleic acid
B. Arachitlonic acid
C. Linolenic acid
D. Palmitic acid

292. The sugar component of cerebro sides is_____________?
A. Fructose
B. Sucrose
C. Galactose
D. None of the above

293. The lipid, which acumulates in fatty liver, is_______________?
A. Triglycerides
C. Lipoprotein
D. Cholesterol

294. The product of oxidation of odd chainfatty acids is______________?
A. Aceto acetyl CoA
B. Malonyl CoA
C. Propionyl CoA
D. Fumaryl CoA

295. The substance essential for transfter of fatty acids across mitochondrial membrance_____________?
A. Creatine
B. Creatinine
C. Carnitine
D. Coenzyme A

296. Ketone bodies are normally synthesized from______________?
A. Acetyl-CoA
B. Glucose
C. Glycerol
D. Acetone

297. Ketone bodies are by products of metabolism of_____________?
A. Carbohydrate
B. Protein
C. Fat
D. All of the above

298. The ketone bodies, which are excreted in diabetic ketoacidosis ?
A. Acetoacetic acid and pyruvic acid
B. Acetoacetic acid and oxalocacetic acid
C. Acetoacetic acid and alpha ketoglutaric acid
D. Acetoacetic acid and beta hydroxyl butyric acid

299. Rate limiting step in cholesterol synthesis is_______________?
A. HMG CoA synthetase
B. HMG CoA lyase
C. HMG CoA reductase
D. Mevalonate synthetase

300. Which is not seen in HMG CoA pathway ?
A. Pyruvate
B. Cholesterol
C. Mevalonate
D. Acetyl CoA