1471. Specific disease caused by Vitamin B1 deficiency:

A. Pellagra
B. Angular cheilitis
C. Megaloblastic anemia
D. Peripheral polyneuritis *

1472. A patient with chronic renal failure and bone pains will have deficiency of which vitamin:

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D *

1473. Beri-Beri is caused due to the deficiency of :

A. Thiamine *
B. Pyridoxine
C. Ascorbic acid
D. Riboflavin

1474. Which Vitamin is the most indispensable during mitosis:

A. Folic acid *
B. Pantothenic acid
C. Ascorbic acid
D. Aspartic acid

1475. Malonyl aciduria is seen in deficiency of :

A. Pyridoxin
B. B12 *
C. Folic acid
D. Riboflavin

1476. Biological activity of tocopherols has been attributed , in part to their actions as :

A. Antioxidant
B. Anticoagulants
C. Provitamin *
D. Antidotes for selenium poisoning

1477. Which vitamin is synthesized by intestinal bacteria?

A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin A
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin K *

1478. Of prime importance in the structure of flavoproteins is :

A. Vitamin B6
B. Vitamin B2 *
C. Vitamin B1
D. Vitamin C

1479. Vitamin also acting as hormones:

A. Vitamin D *
B. Vitamin A
C. Vitamin B1
D. Vitamin C

1480. Biotin is required for the activity of :

A. Pyruvate carboxylase *
B. Lactate dehydrogenase
C. Succinate thiokinase
D. Phosphohexose isomerase