1581. A genomic library is a collection of :

A. Bacterial clones
B. Bacteriophage clones
C. Viral clones
D. Both A & B *

1582. A single stranded nucleotide sequence that will hybridize into a certain piece of DNA is :

A. Primer
B. Probe
C. Genome
D. Both A & B *

1583 . Which statement is not true about PCR?

A. Developed by Kary Mullis
B. Take its name from DNA polymerase
C. Is not a very specific *
D. Taq polymerase is used

1584. Taq Polymerase is extracted from a bacterium:

A. Floral aquatcus
B. Taq aquatics
C. Thermus floral
D. Thermus aquaticus *

1585. Which of the followings is used to create a lesser number of copies within a labortary test tube ?

A. Recombination DNA technology *
B. Polymerase chain reaction
C. Gene cloning
D. Gene therapy

1586. Which one has antibiotic resistance gene for tetracycline and ampicillin?

A. PSC 101
B. pBR 322 *
C. Eco R1
D. All of these

1587. The enzyme which seals the foreign DNA into the vector is :

A. Restriction endonuclease
B. DNA Polymerase
C. DNA Ligase *
D. DNA Mutase

1588. First restriction enzyme was isolated by :

A. Kary Mullis
B. Hamilton O smith *
C. Maxam Gilbert
D. Hamilton

1589. Commonly used restriction enzyme is :

A. pSC 101
B. pBR 322
C. EcoR1 *
D. All of these

1590. Some transgenic bacterial produce a dipeptide sweetener called :

A. Ultrasweet
B. Disweet
C. Monosweet
D. NutraSweet *