1321. Highest binding of iron in plasma is seen with:

A. Transferrin *
B. Ferritin
C. Hemoglobin
D. Ceruloplasmin

1322. Kinase requires:

A. MN++
B. Cu++
C. Mg++ *
D. None of these

1323. Mutations are due to changes in _________.

A. DNA nucleotide sequence *
B. RNA nucleotide sequence
C. Amino acid sequence of ribonuclease
D. Cell Walls

1324. The initiation codon for protein synthesis is _____.

A. AUG *

1325. Nonsense codons bring about :

A. Elongation of polypeptide chain
B. Pre-translational modification protein
C. Initiation of protein synthesis
D. Termination of protein synthesis *

1326. What proteins are found in milk?

A. Lactobumin,loctoglobulin,livetin *
B. Gluten,threonine
C. Ovalbumin,Albumin
D. None of these

1327. Unwinding of DNA is done by:

A. Dnase
B. Topo isomerase *
C. Ligase
D. Reverse transcriptase

1328. Which of the following process is involved in conversion of DNA to RNA?

A. Conjugation
B. Transduction
C. Translocation
D. Transcription *

1329. Restriction endonuclease cleaves:

A. Double stranded DNA *
B. Single stranded DNA
C. Single stranded RNA
D. Polypeptide

1330. In which form are most dietary lipids found?

A. Sterols
B. Phosppholipids
C. Triglycerides *
D. Monoglycerides