1621. A full set of gene of an individual is termed :

A. A genome *
B. Genotype
C. Genomic library
D. Phenotype

1622. Many new shoots can develop from a single shoot tip if correct proportions of which of the following is added to a liquid medium :

A. Auxin
B. Gibberellin
C. Cytokine
D. Both Auxin and cytokine *

1623. Gene sequencing involves which of the followings :

A. To generate piece of DNA of different sizes
B. Separation of DNA pieces on agarose gel
C. Reading of sequence from gel
D. All these *

1624. The genomes of many organisms have been sequenced .These include :

A. Plant chloroplasts
B. Animal Mitochondria
C. Both A & B *
D. None of these

1625. The primary goals of human genome project include :

A. To construct a genetic map of human genome
B. To construct a base sequence map of human genome
C. Both A & B *
D. None of these

1626. An enzyme Alpha- galactosidase, that can be used to treat a human Lysosomes storage disease is harvested from :

A. Soybeans
B. Tobacco *
C. Sugarcane
D. Corn

1627. Techniques have developed to introduce foreign genes into :

A. Immature plant embryos
B. Protoplasts
C. A Totipotent cell
D. Both A & B *

1628. Agribusiness companies are in the process of developing transgenic versions of :

A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Corn
D. All these *

1629. A technique in which mature anthers are cultured in a medium containing vitamins and growth regulators is :

A. Protoplast culture
B. Meristem culture
C. Reproductive culture
D. Arthur Culture *

1630.Unfortunately the regeneration of cereal grains from protoplasts has been difficult the protoplasts of which of the following plants produced infertile plants :

A. Corn
B. Barely
C. Wheat
D. Both corn and wheat *