711. ______________ refers to moving employees from one job to other
A.Job rotation
B.Job shifting
C.Job description
D.Job design

712. ______________ used to measure an individual’s activity preferences
A.Interest test
B.Personality test
C.Aptitude test
D.Memory test

713. Allocation of the people to the job is ______________

714. ______________ diagnosis present problems and future challenges to be met through training and development
A.Need assessment

715. Apprentership training is a type of ______________
A.On the job training
B.Off the job training
C.Both ( a) and (b)
D.None of these

716. ______________ involves periodic assignment of an employee to completely different sets of job activities
A.Job rotation
B.Vestibule training
D.None of these

717. An experienced employee offering guidance and support to a junior employee so that the later learns and advances in the organization called
D.Job instruction training

718. ______________ gives an opportunity to an employee to showcase his talent to the fullest and make his reach to other department also
A.Job rotation
B.Vestibule training
D.None of these

719. Sensitivity training method was developed by ______________
A.Bill gates
B.Kuet lewrin
C.Henry fayol
D.F W Taylor

720. ______________ generally focus on emotional issues rather than actual ones
A.Role playing
B.Vestibule training
C.Case study
D.Sensitivity training

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