541. Which of these is an off – the – job training method?
B.Job rotation
C.Orientation training

542. The ______________ refers incentives to variable pay.
A.National Tribunal
B.International Labour office
C.Labour Court
D.None of the above

543. Which of the following is a barrier while doing human resource planning?
A.HR information often is incompatible with the information used in strategy formulation
B.Implementing human resource information system
C.Managing inventories
D.Supply forecast

544. Competencies are the
D.All of these

545. The voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from an organisation is called ______________.
D.None of these

546. How does training and development offer competitive advantage to an organisation?
A.Removing performance decencies
B.Individuals have the aptitude and motivation to learn
C.Deficiency is caused by a lack of ability
D.None of these

547. ______________ seeks to examine the goals of the organisation and the trends that are likely to affect these goals.
A.Organisational Support
B.Organisational analysis
C.Person analysis
D.Key skill abilities analysis

548. Which of the below given options is a pre – requisite for an effective incentive system?
A.Increased need for planning
B.Co-operation of workers
C.Management’s commitment to the cost and time necessary to administer incentive schemes
D.All of the these

549. What are the pre – requisites for successful human resource planning?
A.Backing of top management
B.Personal records must be complete
C.Techniques of planning should be the best
D.All of these

550. ______________ is a formal & detailed study of jobs
A.Job enrichment
B.Job evaluation
C.Job classification
D.Job analysis