961. An employee compares his pay with others pay in company at same position is called
A.internal equity
B.external equity
C.collective equity
D.individual equity

962. An employee is rated high in performance appraisal because of religion, is an example of
A.lenient/strict tendency
C.central tendency
D.different tendencies

963. An employee training and confidence building is best classified as
A.extrinsic rewards
B.intrinsic rewards

964. An employees aspirations and plans are linked to
A.appraisal feedback
B.appraisal performance
C.employee training
D.employee development

965. An employees salary paid for his skills and knowledge is called
A.competency based pay
B.time based pay
C.internship based salary
D.training based pay

966. An employer; not paying for title of job and hired , regarded as
A.pay based on company’s profit
B.pay based on company’s stocks
C.pay based on competency
D.pay based on time

967. An employers refusal to provide work opportunities, is classified as
A.grievance procedure
B.lock out
D.strike procedure

968. An enterprise Incentive Management systems include
A.planning compensation
B.analyzing compensation
C.managing compensation
D.all of above

969. An Equal Pay Act emphasizes compensable factors are such as
B.efforts and responsibility
C.working conditions
D.all of above

970. An equal rating of all employees such as good is called
A.lenient tendency
B.strict tendency
C.biasing tendency
D.central tendency