431. The employer-employees should have mutual trust / confidence / willingness to settle / respect rights and responsibilities of other party, is covered under –
A. Effective bargaining method
B. Essentials for effective bargaining
C. Types of bargaining
D. Areas of bargaining

432. Managerial functions, in personnel management can be –
A. Planning / Organising / directing and controlling
B. Recruitment / placement / employment / Development and motivation
C. Compensation / maintenance of health / employers’ welfare
D. Both (a) + (b) only

433. Discuss unfair management practices –
A. Noncompliance with promotional and transfer policies
B. Smooth handling of grievances
C. Timely payment of wages / salaries
D. Both (b) + (c)

434. In a ____________, teams are formed and team members report to two’ or more managers.
A. Formal Organization
B. Informal Organization
C. Matrix Organisation
D. Divisional Organization

435. ________ refers to the attitudinal and behavioural characteristics of a group and is concerned with how groups form, their structure and process, and how they function,
A. Group dynamics
B. Organic structure
C. Functional Structure
D. Matrix organization

436. Benchmarking is
A. T the process of comparing the business processes & perform­ance metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity to another that is widely considered to be an industry leader
B. A process in which the organisations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to the best practice companies’ proc­esses usually within the peer group defined for the purposes of comparison
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

437. Reengineering starts with a —
A. High-level assessment of the organisation’s mission
B. Strategic goals
C. Customer demands
D. All of the above

438. Change Management is –
A. It is a systematic approach in dealing with change from the indi­vidual & organisational level
B. A gradual process of approach in the workplace due to new poli­cies, technology, or even a new boss
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

439. _________ involves all the performance monitoring, measurement, management being outsourced from a third party or an external or­ganisation.
A. Human Resource Outsourcing
B. Human Resource Management
C. Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing
D. Performance Management Outsourcing

440. Performance Management System is –
A. A formal, structured system of measuring, evaluating job related behaviours & outcomes to discover reasons of performance & how to perform effectively in future so that the employee, organi­sation & society all benefit
B. A process of looking both to the future & to the past, in the context of the collective performance of all the employees in an organisation
C. The process of establishing goals, assessing employees & im­plement the annual performance appraisal process
D. All of the above