931. A plan, offering a 75% base salary along with 25% incentives is classified as
A.combination plan
B.non commission plan
C.competitive plan
D.noncompetitive plan

932. A job that helps employers to arrange job in relative worth is called
A.benchmark jobs
B.salary survey
C.permanent job
D.temporary job

933. Accessing employees telephones and computers for monitoring employees rate and accuracy is
A.critical incident method
B.forced distribution method
C.behaviorally anchored rating scale
D.electronic performance monitoring

934. According to business perspective, employees carrying sign language in depicting their concerns, regarded as
D.impasse boycott

935. According to Fredrick Herzberg, a persons high-level needs are classified as

936. According to Fredrick Herzberg, persons “higher-level” needs are
A.accomplishment and recognition
B.food and shelter
D.secure income

937. According to Fredrick Herzberg, persons low-level needs are classified as

938. According to Herzberg, for creating self-motivated workforce employers should focus on the
A.motivator factors
B.de-motivator factors
C.intrinsic factors
D.extrinsic factors

939. According to Herzberg, job salary and incentives are classified as
B.DE motivators
C.hygiene factor
D.extrinsic factors

940. According to Herzberg, job working conditions are considered as
B.DE motivators
C.intrinsic hygiene’s
D.extrinsic hygiene’s

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