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131. Why do companies use external job searches instead of internal searches?

A. Legal requirements
B. It is less expensive
C. Companies can add new talent, new ideas to the organization
D. Orientation time is reduced

132. Which of the following department of an Orqanisation performs the managerial function of matching Orqanisational needs with the skills & abilities of the employees?

A. Finance department
B. Marketing department
C. Production department
D. Human Resource department

133. The most popular method of recruiting applicants to jobs is_________?

A. Radio and TV advertisement
B. Corporate website
C. Employee referral schemes
D. Commercial job boards

134. Tests that measure traits, temperament, or disposition are examples of___________?

A. Manual dexterity tests
B. Personality tests
C. Intelligence tests
D. Work sample tests

135. Which Personnel association uses the idea of bundles of integral HRM practices?

A. European association for personnel management
B. U.S office of personnel management
C. Chartered Institute of personnel & development
D. Association of personnel Service Orqanisations

136. HRP stands for___________?

A. Human resource project
B. Human resource planning
C. Human recruitment planning
D. Human recruitment procedure

137. HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees?

A. Retirement planning’
B. Benefits options
C. Orientation
D. Career planning and management

138. In which stage of HR intranet site development are multiple sites linked together to create a seamless experience for the individual?

A. Personalized
B. Integrated
C. Transactional
D. Brochureware

139. Which approach that seeks the to link strategy, business, performance and HRM policies and practices, assumes that there are a number of HRM practices that are suitable for all Organisations?

A. Best Practice
B. Best fit
C. Resource-based view
D. Life cycle models

140. Job analysis produces which of the following, regardless of the technique used?

A. Benchmarks
B. Individual interview
C. Job specifications
D. Replacement charts