571. Which of the following helps the employee to improve their efficiency?

572. Good employer employee relations are the backbone of all ______________
A.Personal activities
B.Human activities.
C.Personnel activities
D.Personnel policies.

573. Identify the personnel management functions from the following ______________.
B.Quality control.
C.Capital budgeting.

574. The way of action which are accepted as legitimate by group members is called ______________

575. Group established by the organisation to do its work and usually identifiable on an organisation chart ______________.
A.Task Group
B.Primary Group
C.Formal group.
D.Informal Group.

576. Dispute between employees at different levels in an organization is known as ______________
A.Horizontal conflict
B.over all conflict.
C.Vertical conflict
D.Organizational conflict.

577. The process of efficiently achieving the objectives of the organisation with and through people
C.Decision Making

578. The objective of salary administration is to offer ______________.
A.More wages
B. Lesser wages
C.Poor wages
D.Fair wages

579. Breaking down of job into smaller parts covering few operations ______________
A.Job Enlargement
B.Job Cycle
C.Job Empowerment
D.Job Simplification

580. WAB’s Refers to ______________
A.Weighted allotment blanks
B.Weighted application blanks
C.Weighted average blanks
D.Weighted assimilation blanks

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