501. A companys strategic goals must work towards
A.succession planning
B.performance management
C.compensation management
D. all of above

502. A graphical tool, used to summarize chain of activities to get “big picture” of performance is
A.HR scorecard
B.HR digital dashboard
C.strategy map
D.all of above

503. A group interviewer, questions are being asked from group of interviewee, considered as
A.panel interview
B.mass interview
C.computer interview
D.personal interview

504. Which of the following is NOT a part of a firm’s immediate external environment?
A. Technological developments
B. Unemployment levels
C. Organizational size
D. Government intervention policies

505. Which of the following are responsible for HRM in an organization?
A. Senior management
B. Line management
C. HR specialist/generalist
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

506. The term ‘recruitment’ involves:
A. staffing an organisation
B. sourcing candidates to apply for a particular job vacancy
C. the same activities as selection
D. hiring someone for a job

507.Managerial functions of HRM is must for _______________ of the organisation
A. administration
B. Smooth running
C. financial stability
D. none of the above

508. The flexible firm model:
A. was devised by the human resource planning process
B. was devised by Atkinson
C. was devised by the CIPD

509. Which of the following selection methods has the highest predictive validity?
A. Astrology
B. Work sample tests
C. Structured interviews
D. References
E. Unstructured interviews

510. The short-listing matrix allows an organisation to:
A. generate an applicant pool
B. screen applicants for a job vacancy
C. use psychometric tests
D. None of the above