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31. A job specification is one of the areas of ___________?

A. job analysis
B. job design
C. job description
D. job summary

32. The division of the total task to be performed into a manageable and efficient unit is____________?

A. a job design
B. a job specification
C. a job analysis
D. a job description

33. Which of the following is the area from which applicants can be recruited?

A. Employment Lines
B.Employees’ Association
C. Labour Market
D. Labour Schemes

34. For forecasting the demand for manpower, the important techniques used are_____________?

A. Delphi Techniques
B. Statistical Techniques
C. Work Study Techniques
D. All of the above

35. Selection of the candidates is done out of______________?

A. Target population
B. internal sources
C. external sources
D. internal as well as external sources

36. HRM is considered as____________?

A. a reactive function
B. a proactive function
C. an auxiliary function
D. an aux o-reactive function

37. Recruitment is widely viewed as a ______________?

A. positive process
B. negative process
C. positive as well as negative process
D. none of the above processes

38. Recruitment policy usually highlights need for establishing ____________?

A. job specification
B. job analysis
C. job description
D. none of the above

39. The process of developing the applicant’s pool for job openings in an organization is called___________?

A. Hiring
B. Recruitment
C. Selection
D. Retention

40. A brief write-up of what the job is all about is ____________?

A. job finding
B. job summary
C. job analysis
D. job specification