361. The career path model in an organization, initiating career planning can importantly form the basis for _____ _?
A. Rotation
B. Transfer
C. Placement
D. All of the above
E. None of These

362. In HR functions of management, assisting managers is known as _______________.
A. line manager
B. staff manager
C. First line supervisor
D. all of above

363. An employer should only retrench employees who have been most recently hired. Which Section of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947 is referred to this statement.
A. 34-F
B. 30-F
C. 25-G
D. 24-G
E. A and B
D. None of these

364. Which of the following factor does not involve in communication with employees?
A. compensating
B. disciplining
C. counseling
D. interviewing

365. Who set the Performance development plan for the employee.
A. Department Head
B. Employer
C. Immediate boss
D Any of the above

366. HRM is _____?
A. A line function
B. A Staff function
C. accounting function
D. All of the above

367. Most of the time who is the manager of ‘Human Resource’ department?
A. staff manager
B. line manager
C. active manager
D. both A and B

368. HRM objectives are categorized as ________?
A. Organisational and social objectives
B. Functional objectives
C. Personal objectives
D. All of the above

369. The actual performance with set standards is involved in Comparison of employees.
A. leading
B. staffing
C. controlling
D. organizing

370. HRM stand for ________?
A. Human Relations Management
B. Human Resourceful Management
C. Human Resource Management
D. Humanistic Resource Management