461. ______ is the simple act of comparison & learning for organisational improvement
D.Job evaluation

462. _______ can be defined as a written record of the duties, responsibilities and conditions of job.
A.Job description
B.Job specification
C.Job profile
D.None of the above

463. The three types of forecasts are
A.Economic, employee market, company’s sales expansion
B.Long, Short, Medium
C.Production, economic, company’s sales expansion
D.Production, labor, economic

464. Under point method, factor(s) generally considered are
A.Skill, effort, Accountability
B.Skill, job enrichment, accountability
C.Wage, job enrichment, accountability
D.Wage effort, accountability

465. HRD process variable include
A.Role clarity
B.Work planning
C.Better communication
D.All of the above

466. The following is (are) included in salary survey.
A.Average salary
B.Inflation indicators
C.Salary budget averages
D.All of the above

467. Under training and development plan, the form is to be prepared in ________ form.
D.None of the above

468. The process of analyzing jobs from which job descriptions are developed are called________.
A.Job analysis
B.Job evaluation
C.Job enrichment
D.Job enlargement

469. When effort to earn additional income through a second job does not bear fruit, such type of efforts & the consequent results may be called as
A.Red moon lighting
B.Blue moon lighting
C.Yellow moon lighting
D.Silver moon lighting

470. Which pay is one of the most crucial pay given to the employee & also shown in the pay structure?