851. Task analysis a component of
A.Selection procedure
B.Human resource planning
C.Training process
D.None of these

852. The process of establishing the value at jobs in a job hierarchy is known as ______________
A.Job analysis
B.Job requirement
C.Job evaluation
D.Performance evaluation

853. The multiple management technique of management development program was developed by ______________
A.Charles PMC Cormick
B.Charless babage
C.Mike Thompson
D.None of these

854. ______________ is also known as T-group training and laboratory training
A.Stress training
B.Sensibility training
C.Job orientation training
D.None of these

855. Which of the following is the functions of personnel management
A.Managerial function
B.Operative function
C.Both a & b
D.All of these

856. Contents of the job description is/are
A.Proper job title
B.Job summary
C.Job location
D.All of these

857. ______________ is an attempt to create a match between job requirement and human attribute
A.Job description
B.Job specification
C.Job design
D.All of these

858. ______________ is the process of picking up indendual request with requisite qualification and competencies’ to fill job in organization
D.None of these

859. Job analysis help in
A.HRP, recruitment, selection
B.T and D
C.Job evaluation
D.All of these

860. Which are the factors of job evaluation
C.Working condition
D.All of these