521. Which of the following is a method used in group or organisational training needs assessment?
A.Consideration of current and projected changes
B.Rating scales

522. Which of these is a hindrance to effective training?
A.Career planning workshop
B.Aggregate spending on training is inadequate
D.Career counselling

523. Which of the forecasting technique is the fastest?
A.Work study technique
B.Flow models
C.Ratio trend analysis
D.HR demand Forecast

524. When appraisals are made by superiors, peers, subordinates and clients then it is called ______________.
A.360 degree feedback
B.180 degree feedback
C.Self – appraisal
D.All of these

525. The human resource Manangement helps toi improve the ______________

526. The solution to many so-called ‘people problems’ is often associated with improving the effectiveness of the recruitment process by:
A.Having a robust HR department to carry out the process
B.Outsourcing the HR department
C.Careful selection of the right people for the job
D.Devolving to line managers

527. Human Resource Information system
A.Integrates core process into streamline systems
B.Collaborates core process into streamline systems
C.Plans core process into streamline systems
D.All of these

528. e-HRM stands for
D.None of these

529. One of the most popular methods of increasing employee responsibility and control is ______________.
B.”Military model” of management
C.Work teams
D.Manpower planning

530. The focuses of psychological appraisals are on ______________ .
A.Future potential
B.Actual performance
C.Past performance
D.None of these