701. ______________ is the study of people as individuals and in groups of relationships between individual and groups
A.Financial management
C.Manpower planning
D.Industrial psychology
E.None of these

702. Which one of the following does not include under the function of human resource management

703. Type of selection test consist of
A.Personality test
B.Interest test
C.Aptitude test
D.Mental ability test
E.All of these

704. Training information system includes
A.Annual Review of years training plans
B.Monthly review of budget and plans
C.Real time review of specific projects
D.All of these
E.None of these

705. The origin of personnel management was an outcome of
A.Welfare workers
B.Legislation relating factory Reform
C.The govt. notification
D.The work of 19th century social reformers and employee

706. ______________ is prepared on the basis of job description
A.Job specification
B.Job description
C.Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
D.None of these

707. Experience, education, skills and knowledge are the main components of ______________, which need to be specified
A.Job specification
B.Job analysis
C.Job description
D.None of these

708. Total training cost include
A.Participants on going salaries
B.Overheads during training
C.Cost of R & D in training needs analysis
D.All of above

709. ______________ are usually provided to reduce the no:of accidents
A.Safety training
B.Precaution training
C.Training for improvement
D.None of above

710. ______________ involves assessment of actual performance of an employee against what is expected from him or her
A.Performance appraisal
C.Need assessment
D.None of above