511. Which of the following methods could NOT be conducted by one person?
A. Assessment centre
B. Psychometric test
C. Unstructured interview
D. Personality test

512. Graphology is widely used as a selection method in the UK. Is this true or false?
A. True
B. False

513. Which of the following is NOT a competency-based question?
A. How did you get here today?
B. If you had two deadlines that clashed, how would you choose which 1 to give priority to?
C. Did you use SPSS in your previous role?
D. Can you tell me about a time when you had to resolve a conflict situation at work?

514. The basic managerial skill(s) is (are)

A.To supervise
B.To motivate
C.To stimulate
D.All of these

515. HR Planning involves four distinct phases ONE of these stages is
A.business scanning
B.Forecasting human resource records
C.Organisation development

516. Strategic Human Resource management is
D.None of these

517. Job evaluation is based on the:
A.Complexity of the job to perform
B.Conceptual skill required by the job
C.Relative job worth for an organization
D.Physical skills required by the job

518. ______________ is a performance measure of both efficiency and effectiveness.
A.Organisational behaviour
B.Organisational citizenship
C.Employee productivity
D.None of these

519. Which performance appraisal methods consumes a lot of time?
A.Essay method
B.Rating Scales
C.Critical incident
D.Tests And Observation

520. Which of the following is a benefit of employee training?
A.Improves morale
B.Helps people identify with organisational goals
C.Provides a good climate for learning, growth and co – ordination
D.None of these

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