911. A stage which concludes major career reassessments is called
A.exploration stage
B.growth stage
C.mid career crisis sub stage
D.maintenance stage

912. A stage, employee decides whether or not continue specific field, known as
A.stabilization sub stage
B.trial sub stage
C.establishment stage
D.maintenance stage

913. A stage, leaders create task forces to diagnose problem while carrying shared understanding, regarded as
A.unfreezing stage
B.moving stage
C.refreezing stage
D.non moving stage

914. A Strategic plan is also called
A.long term plan
B.short term plan
C.Both A and B
D.none of above

915. A strategy, employees seeking flexibility in workforce, workplace within same company, regarded as
C.reality shock
D.formal training

916. A system which measures ongoing performance and e-mails reports is called
A.direction sharing
B.goal alignment
C.ongoing performance monitoring
D.ongoing feedback

917. A systematic method to teach skills for job while presenting facts and getting feedback is called
A.job rotation
B.off the job training
C.job instruction training
D.programmed learning

918. A tax deductible bonus plan according to which employers contribute to a trust for later use for employees is classified as
A.early retirement window plan
B.employee stock ownership plan
C.cash balance plan
D.severance pay plan

919. Which is not a method of performance appraisal?
A. Straight ranking method
B. Man-to-man comparison method
C. Check list method
D. None of the above

920. Training information system included
A. Training aids
B. Internal and external faculty
C. Training resources
D. Training needs