381. What are the major hurdles that require immediate action by HRM for the progress of Indian economy?
A. Dishonesty and corruption
B. Lack of interest in work and production loss,
C. Unemployment and poverty
D. Combating inflation and holding the price-line of essential commodities.

382. Who is generally known as “the father of modern management theory”?
A. Henry Fayol
B. Frederick W. Taylor
C. Frank Gilbreth
D. Chester Bernard

383. Which of the following is considered the first wage incentive plan in modern industrial era?
A. Halsey plan
B. Taylor’s differential piece-rate plan
C. Barth plan
D. Gantt Task plan

384. Concept of MBO was first developed by
A. Peter Drucker
B. Douglas McGregor
C. Henry Fayol
D. Clayton P. Alderfer

385. Industrial discipline ordinarily does not imply
A. observance of company’s rules and regulations
B. cooperating with management and co-workers
C. active participation in union activities
D. smooth discharge of duties and responsibilities

386. A strike called by a section of workers/union members without authorisation from proper authority of the union is called
A. sectional strike
B. jurisdictional strike
C. wild cat strike
D. sympathetic strike

387. Which is a form of participative management?
A. information-sharing
B. associative participation
C. consultative participation
D. all of the above

388. T&D programme in international HRM should give due attention to
A. promotion of efficiency of personnel in the host country
B. understanding of the cultural environment of the host country
C. improvement of technical expertise
D. all of the above

389. International staffing does not give much emphasis on the consideration of
A. cultural adaptability
B. global experience
C. family flexibility
D. political consciousness

390. The objectives of workers’ participation in management do not ordinarily include
A. promotion of collective bargaining
B.promotion of industrial harmony
C. promotion of industrial democracy
D. promotion of productivity