301. The chapter argues that one of the following attributes of potential employees is of heightened interest to employers when recruiting. Which one is it?
A. The candidate’s physical health
B. The candidate’s ability to deal with customers
C. The candidate’s ability to prepare for and cope with an uncertain future
D. The candidate’s organizational abilities

302. Selection is concerned with…?
A. The activity to select a suitable pool of candidates.
B. Always being stimulated by the departure of an employee.
C. Always ascertaining a candidate’s personality to ensure a suitable fit.
D. Applying appropriate techniques and methods to select a candidate.

303. Which activities are not associated with workforce planning?
A. Forward planning reviewing internal and external labour supply
B. Assessing capability of workforce to develop any requisite skills
C. Time keeping
D. Identifying areas where recruitment will be needed

304. Why is job analysis so infused with organizational politics? Is it:
A. Because it is a process which could lead to contraction of employees in a department and therefore diminishing its power base.
B. A result of interdepartmental rivalry.
C. Because it is not an objective activity.
D. Because it is a process through which companies try to shed labour.

305.What do rational processes to recruitment and selection typically ignore?
A. Labour market demand
B. Wages
C. The time it takes to get to work
D. The use of power and micropolitics by managers

306.Which is the most popular method of recruiting applicants to jobs?
A. Radio and TV advertisement
B. Corporate website
C. Employee referral schemes
D. Commercial job boards

307. Which selection method remains the most used by organizations?
A. Interview
B. Ability tests
C. References
D. A trial period

308. Which items below are forms of perceptual errors made during the selection process?
A. Like-me judgements
B. A candidate’s time-keeping
C. The interview setting
D. The time of day

309. Which of the below is a form of interview used in candidate selection?
A. The appraisal interview
B. The competency based interview
C. The disciplinary interview
D. The return to work interview

310. The interview is used as a method for determining?
A. The personality of the candidate.
B. The degree of fit between the applicant and the demands of the job.
C. His/her age.
D. Physical attributes.