451. ROI Stands for —
A. Return on Insurance
B. Return on Investment
C. Rate on Insurance
D. Risk on Insurance

452. The whole process of conducting a 360 – Degree Feedback process in any Organisation could last about ________.
A.1.5 to 3 months
B.3 to 6 months
C.6 to 9 months
D.9 to 12 months

453. In a re-engineering programme, when a process changes so does the ________ of the concerned employee.
B.Job profile
D.Job experience

454. The process which is continuous and stops only when the organisation ceases to exist
B.Job evaluation
D.All of the above

455. Union leaders at different levels & at federations are elected on ________
A.democratic principle
B.political considerations
C.employer’s recommendation
D.seniority basis

456. The following factor would be relatively low if supply of labour is higher than demand.
B.labour cost
D.all of the above

457. The nation wide consumer councils formed by the Government comprise of representatives of
A.Cost account and consumer
B.Various ministries
C.Manufactures of commerce
D.All of the above

458. The following is (are) the option(s) while planning for surplus
A.Reassign the jobs
B.Redesign the jobs
C.Reduce work hours
D.All of the above

459. The following system is simple, less expensive and less time consuming.
A.Paired comparison
B.Confidential report system
D.Checklist method

460. The following are the factors which come under ‘ Work planning’ that is component systems of HRD
A.Contextual analysis
B.Role analysis
C.Performance appraisal
D.All of the above