791. Which of the is not a typically used procedure to reduce the total no. of employees
A.By off
C.Down sizing
D.Early retirement inducements

792. The primary goal of HRM is to ______________
A.facilitate organizational performance
B.influence internal constituency
C.based on the judgment or mathematics
D.none of these

793. What are the objectives of personnel management
D.All of these

794. What is the qualities of personnel manager
A.Personal attributes
B.Experiences & training
D.All of these

795. he product of job description is / are
A.Job description
B.Job specification
C.Both a & b
D.All of these

796. ______________ is the process of increasing the scope of job of a particular employee by adding more task to it
A.Job simplification
B.Job enlargement
C.Job rotation
D.All of these

797. Selection end with
A.Job offer
B.Contract of employment
D.None of these

798. An organized factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of a specific job is known as
A.Job description
B.Job specification
C.job evaluation
D.Job enrichment

799. Which of the following is the objective of wage and salary administration
A.To establish to fair and equitable compensation
B.To attract qualified and competent personnel
C.To improve motivation and morale of employees
D.All of these

800. Remuneration paid for services of the labor in production is
A.Wage increment
D.None of these