1021. Comparison of employees actual performance with that of set standards is involved in :

A. Leading
B. Organizing
C. Controlling *
D. Staffing

1022. The one who issue orders in chain of command outside their department is :

A. Staff managers
B. Line managers *
C. Finance managers
D. Both A and B

1023. Human capital refers to :

A. Education of firm workers
B. Training of firms workers
C. Skills and expertise of firms workers
D. All of the above *

1024. The crucial functions for company’s survival is managed by :

A. Financial manager
B. Staff manager
C. Line Manager *
D. All of the above

1025. The company can create” superior” subordinate ” relationship through :

A. Line authority *
B. Hiring
C. Staff authority
D. All of the above

1026. High performance work system leads to:

A. Superior employee performance *
B. Low labor costs
C. Safer workplaces
D. Less employee turnover rate

1027. Job analysis task is to :

A. Prepare job description *
B. Integrating development activities
C. Develop compensation plans
D. Advising Management

1028. Recruiting employees, selecting right one for job and giving them training leads to :

A. Organizing
B. Controlling
C. Staffing *
D. Leading

1029. Ensuring the implementation of HR policies by line managers is part of :

A. Line functions
B. Coordinative functions *
C. Staff Functions
D. All of the above

1030. The assistance needed to manage localized human resource provided by :

A. Transactional HR group
B. Embedded HR group *
C. Corporate HR group
D. Centers of expertise