941. Why are soft drink made with chilled water rather than water at room temperature?
A. Ingredients dissolve better in chilled water
B. Chilled water enhances the taste
C. Chilled water attracts more carbon dioxide
D. Chilled water is more hygienic

942. Coke is made by heating coal in the absence of air at__________?
A. 700 °C
B. 900 °C
C. 1300 °C
D. 1700 °C

943. In blood, the percentage of water is___________?
A. 75%
B. 85%
C. 90%
D. 95%

944. As the temperature of ice rises, the ice melts and its density?
A. Decreases
B. Remain constant
C. Increases
D. Increases upto 10C

945. Nitrogen occurs in plant and animals in the form of ___________?
A. Minerals
B. Fats
C. Carbohydrates
D. Proteins

946. Air contains volume of carbon dioxide approximately?
A. 3%
B. 33%
C. 0.3%
D. 0.03%

947. The gases which are used by drivers as an artificial atmosphere are helium and_____________?
A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Neon
D. Carbon monoxide

948. Vitamin B is found in__________?
A. Sea Foods
B. Fruits and Vegetables
C. Seeds
D. None of these

949. Which is the hottest planet in our Solar system?
A. Venus
B. Neptune
C. Mars
D. None of these

950. What is the symbol of Gold?
A. Ag
B. Au
C. S
D. None