1581. Which of the following is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood?

A. White blood cells
B. Neutrophils
C. Red blood cells *
D. None of these

1582. Which of the following is true for hormones ?

A. All proteins are hormones
B. All hormones are proteins
C. All hormones are amino acids *
D. None of these

1583. Prokaryotes have which of the following structures ?

A. Nucleus *
B. Mitochondria
C. Chloroplast
D. None of these

1584. Diversity in which of the following groups is not due to artificial selection ?

A. Wheat
B. Dogs
C. Cotton
D. None of these *

1585. Arachnophobia refers to a fear of :

A. Spiders *
B. Snakes
C. Bats
D. None of these

1586. Which of the following is a part of DNA ?

D. None of these

1587. In humans the ” y” chromosome is passed to the next generation from :

A. Father to son *
B. Mother to son
C. Father to daughter
D. None of these

1588. Which of the following is a mammal ?

A. Blue tuna
B. Sword fish
C. Whale *
D. None of these

1589. Female ova are :

A. Haploid *
B. Diploid
C. Triploid
D. None of these

1590. Which of the following is not a part of DNA ?

A. Thymine
B. Adenine
C. Tibose *
D. None of these