681. Which part of the earth is divided into 15 plates of various sizes?
A. Mesosphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Lithosphere
D. None

682. Which of the following are the compact clusters of alpha particles?
A. Electron and Proton
B. Two Protons and two Neutrons
C. Three protons and three Neutrons
D. None

683. At night, what do the Plants intake and release?
A. Oxygen – Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide – Oxygen
C. Oxygen – Carbon monoxide
D. Carbon monoxide – Oxygen

684. What produces the Urine?
A. Kidneys
B. Lungs
C. Large intestine
D. Liver

685. Which of the following is the Chemical name of vinegar?
A. Sodium Nitrate
B. Dilute acetic acid
C. Chloride of lime
D. Calcium
E. None of these

686. The Deficiency of which vitamin decreases hemoglobin production?
A. Biotin
B. Thiamine
C. Niacin
D. Pyridoxine
E. None of these

687. What is measured by the Hygrometer?
A. Speed of sound
B. Density of milk
C. Humidity of air
D. The specific gravity of liquids
E. None of these

688. What is the number of spark plugs that are needed in a diesel engine?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 0
D. 4
E. None of these

689. ______ is the most elastic
A. Steel
B. Rubber
C. Glass
D. Sponge
E. None of these

690. Which of the following is the Orbital period of planet Mercury around the sun?
A. 88 days
B. 365 days
C. 2 years
D. 98 days