1591. Which of the following is labelled as ” good cholesterol” for humans ?

A. High density lipoprotein———HDL *
B. Low density lipoprotein———-LDL
C. Very low density lipprotein——VLDL
D. None of these

1592. Which of the following is an infectious disease?

A. Deafness
B. Blindness
C. Baldness *
D. None of these

1593 Which of the following is a non-essential amino acid ?

A. Alanine *
B. Methenamine
C. Tyrosine
D. None of these

1594. Starting from higher choose the correct sequence of molecules in order of energy yeilding :

A. Sugar,Fats,Protein
B. Protein, Sugar, Fats *
C. Fats, Sugar, Protein
D. None of these

1595. Which of the following is not a part of protein ?

A. Glutamic acid
B. Sulphuric acid *
C. Aspartic acid
D. None of these

1596. The highest source of omega> 3 Fatty acid is :

A. Fish oil *
B. Corn oil
C. Sunflower oil
D. None of these

1597. Which of the following gas is essential for human ?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Nitorgen
C. Oxygen *
D. None of these

1598. Proteins are made up of :

A. Polynucleotide
B. Polypeptide *
C. Polyacetylene
D. None of these

1599. Schizophrenia is a mental disease with the following symptoms :

A. Disorganized speech
B. Hallucinations
C. Dellusions
D. All of the above *

1600. Which of the following are founded in the nucleus?

A. Lysosomes
B. Chromosomes *
C. Ribosomes
D. None of these