1651. The reverberation of Huge explosion can be heard as :

A. Cosmic rays *
B. Gamma rays
C. Microwave radio signals
D. Infrared radiations

1652. Omar Khayyam was a :

A. Poet
B. Mathematician
C. Astronomer
D. All of these *

1653. Who was the arly dentist an also inventor of many surgical instruments :

A. Avicenna
B. Al-Zahrawi *
C. Ibn-ul-haithem
D. Al-Jahiz

1654. Who was the first Muslim mathematician who used ” zero”:

A. Ibn-e-Baitar
B. Ibn-e-Rushd
C. Ibn-Al-Haitham
D. Al Khwarizmi *

1655. Why some nebulae shine ?

A. Because they emit light
B. Due to burning process
C. Because they contain bright stars
D. Because they reflect light *

1656. A shooting star is :

A. Sun
B. A comet
C. A meteor *
D. An asteroid

1657. A “Clinical death’ takes place when :

A. There is no pulse
B. There is no heart beat
C. Understudies are fixed and expanded and there is no response to light
D. All of above

1658. What is Hubble Classification :

A. Classification of stars
B. Classification of planets
C. Classification of galaxies *
D. Classification of earth’s zones

1659. Sun ascends in the east and sets in the west due to the :

A. Shape of earth
B. Rotation of earth around the sun
C. Rotation of earth on its axis *
D. Movement of the sun

1660. What are cyclones ?

A. Sudden heavy floods
B. No rain for a long period
C. Heavy showers
D. Violent wind and rain *