1191. When we cut our nails short, We donot feel the pain or hurt. This is because nails are _____.

A. A horn-like material *
B. Dead cells
C. Useless portions of the body
D. not connected with the blood stream

1192. Why do we laugh?

A. To appreciate something
B. To welcome somebody
C. To express our feeling
D. To mock at someone

1193. Which is the fastest four-legged animal?

A. Cheetah *
B. Black-Buck
C. Mongolian gazelle
D. A race horse

1194. Can you name the bird that stands still in the air by side of a flower and searches its food of necter and insects in it?

A. Canadian sparrow
B. Humming Bird *
C. Blad Eagle
D. Cuckoo

1195. Fist breathe through

A. Fins
B. Tail
C. Lungs
D. Gills *

1196. Which one of the following is not an excretory organ?

A. Lungs
B. Liver
C. Kidney
D. Adrenal gland *

1197. A photoelectric cell converts_______.

A. Electrical energy into light energy
B. Light energy into electrical energy *
C. Light energy into sound energy
D. Light energy into heat energy

1198. The image formed on the retina of the eye is _______.

A. Real and inverted *
B. Virtual and upright
C. Real and Enlarged
D. Real and Upright

1199. Which constituent of blood takes food materials to all tissues of the body?

A. White corpuscles
B. red corpuscles
C. Plasma *
D. Hemoglobin

1200. What is an instinct?

A. Animal action not backed by thinking *
B. A deliberate action
C. An action full of pitfalls
D. An immature action