1141. The procedure of crushing the gallstone and kidney stone by laser is called ?

B. Kidney surgery
C. Aneography
D. Lithotropsy *

1142. Three dimensional image formed by laser is __________.

A. Photograph
B. Hologram *
C. Two dimension sketch
D. Photocopy

1143. Optical fibres are the fine strands of ____________.

A. Glass *
B. Iron
C. Calcium
D. Mercury

1144. The satellite which revolve in such an orbit, so that they move with earth rotation are called __________.

A. Geo satellites
B. Stationary satellites
C. Earth-space satellites
D. Geo-stationary satellites *

1145. Radar transmits short pulses of high frequency called ________.

A. Infrared waves
B. Radio waves *
C. Ultraviolet waves
D. Sound waves

1146. The ray with high penetration power is _________.

A. a-Rays
B. B-Rays
C. Y-Rays *
D. X-Rays

1147.The penetration of x-rays through an object depends upon the object’s _________.

A. Density *
B. Shape
C. Pressure
D. Size

1148. To find the hidden secrets under the water the ships and submarines use the _________.

A. Radiation system
B. Sonar system *
C. X-ray system
D. Radiation system

1149. Recording of brain waves from outer surface of head is called ________.

A. E.C.G
B. M.R.I
C. C.T.Scan
D. E.E.G *

1150. Ball bearings are used in cycles , scooters ETC to _________.

A. Reduce the friction between the wheel and the axle. *
B. Increase the friction between the wheel and the axle
C. Reduce the friction between ground and the wheel
D. None of these