861. Human bone does not contain_________?
A. Calcium
B. Chondroitin sulfate
C. Boron
D. phosphate

862. Which of the following in the human body is affected by leukemia?
A. Blood
B. Lungs
C. Eyes
D. Nerves

863. The reaction between methane and chlorine in diffused sunlight is__________?
A. Oxidation
B. Reduction
C. Polymerisation
D. Radical substitution

864. At what temperature does silver melt?
A. 275 °C
B. 327 °C
C.961.8 °C
D. 100 °C

865. Science is derived from Latin word “scientia” which means_________?
A. Reasoning
B. Logic
C. Knowledge
D. Life

866. Calculus was invented by________?
A. Al-khawarzimi
B. Pythagoras
C. IsaaC Newton
D. Al.kindi

867. Analytical solutions to Quadratic equations were introduced by__________?
A. Al-Khawarzimi
B. Al-haitham
C. IsasacNewton
D. Pythagoras

868. Study of energy production in living bodies is called_________?
A. Biology
B. Biomechanics
C. Bioenergetics
D. Aerodynamics

869. Earth rotates the sun in___________?
A. 23 hours 56 min 4 sec
B. 24 hours
C. 23 hours 57 min 9 sec
D. Non of above

870. Who created periodic table?
A. Faraday
B. Lavoisier
C. Arrhenius
D. Mendeleev