1381. Joule is a unit of :

A. Electric capacitance
B. Depth of water
C. Work or Energy *
D. Mass

1382. What is the unit of electric charge?

A. Coulomb *
B. Ampere
C. Hertz
D. Kelvin

1383. Ohm is a unit of :

A. Viscosity
B. Luminous flux
C. Electrical Resistance *
D. Plane angle

1384. What unit of measurement is poise?

A. Velocity
B. Pressure
C. Energy
D. Viscosity *

1385. Newton is a unit of :

A. Force *
B. Accelaration
C. Work
D. Energy

1386. Which unit is used to measure the ozone layer ?

A. Debye
B. Dyne
C. Dobson *
D. Siegbahn

1387. Volt is a unit of :

A. Weight (metric)
B. Power
C. Electric Potential *
D. Distance

1388. Which is the largest cell in the human body ?

A. Nerve Cell *
B. Muscle Cell
C. Liver Cell
D. Kidney Cell

1389. The “green house effect ” is due to increase in :

A. Atmospheric CO2 levels*
B. Atmospheric SO2 Levels
C. Soil organic content
D. Soil Nitrogen

1390. What colour of visible light is the shortest in wave lenght?

A. Violet *
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Green