1271. What is the only element that normally has no neutrons ?

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen *
C. Krypton
D. Neon

1272. Which of these is not a noble gas?

A. Argon
B. Hydrogen *
C. Krypton
D. Neon

1273. What is the primary component of natural gas and biogas?

A. Ethane
B. Butane
C. Propane
D. Methane *

1274. Which one of the following is the softest ?

A. Iron *
B. Lithium
C. Iron
D. Sodium

1275. Which of the following elements shares the same atomic weight and number?

A. Hydrogen *
B. Helium
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen

1276. All organic compounds contain which of the following elements?

A. Calcium
B. Carbon *
C. Nitrogen
D. Oxygen

1277. The purest form of iron is :

A. Pig iron
B. Cast iron
C. Wrought iron *
D. Stainless steel

1278. The most malleable metal is :

A. Platinum
B. Silver
C. Iron
D. Gold *

1279. The major consituent of air is :

A. Nitrogen *
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

1280. The first metal to be used by man was :

A. Aluminium
B. Copper *
C. Silver
D. Iron