591. A temporary magnet should be made from _______?
A. Copper
B. Tin
C. Iron
D. None

592. Which one of the following is not vector quantity _______?
A. Acceleration
B. Displacement
C. Speed
D. Force

593. Dental mirror is what type of a mirror?
A. Convex mirror
B. Concave mirror
C. Plane mirror
D. none of these

594. Stripes on each side of “Grévy’s Zebra” is about_________?
A. 20+
B. 30+
C. 80+
D. 36+

595. Which animal has no vocal chords ?
A. Lion
B. Zebra
C. Dolphin
D. Giraffes

596. The average acceleration caused by gravity per second is____________?
A. 22 feet
B. 32 feet
C. 52 feet
D. 42 feet

597. Which of the following branch of Physics deals with the internal structure of earth?
A. Biophysics
B. Geophysics
C. Plasma physics
D. Atomic physics

598. The matter of our sun is in ________ state?
A. Liquid
B. Gas
C. Solid
D. Plasma

599. Which of the following is the SI unit of volume?
A. Meter cube
B. Cm cube
C. mm cube
D. Km cube

600. How many mm are there in 10 cm?
A. 100mm
B. 200mm
C. 50mm
D. 10mm