1601. Who proposed the concept ” All motion is relative “?

A. Albert Einstein *
B. John Kepler
C. Galileo Galilei
D. None of them

1602. The field of specialization of popular muslim researcher Abu usman Al-Jahiz was :

A. Botany
B. Zoology *
C. Astronomy
D. None of these

1603. Albatros is :

A. A sea bird *
B. A beetle
C. A fruit
D. None of these

1604. The sunlight can reach a depth of ______ meters in the ocean :

A. 100 *
B. 80
C. 120
D. None of these

1605. The biggest planet in our solar system is :

A. Venus
B. Pluto
C. Jupiter *
D. None of these

1606. The largest species in the family of cats is:

A. Tiger *
B. Lion
C. Leopard
D. None of these

1607. Which group of animals has heterogametic females?

A. Domestic Fowl
B. Earthworm *
C. Rabbit
D. None of these

1608. The dominant phase of life cycle in these organism is haloid :

A. Mosses
B. Bacteria
C. Protozoa *
D. None of these

1609. The atmosphere of Moon consists of :

A. 90 % Hydrogen, 10 % Nitrogen
B. 80 % Nitorgen, 20 % Hydrogen
C. 60 % Nitrogen, 40 % Inert gases
D. None of these

1610. The chemical name of quartz is :

A. Silicon dioxide (S1O2) *
B. Stannous oxide
C. Aluminium oxide
D. None of these