1001. The main culprit of greenhouse effect is Carbon dioxide. But which is the second element contributing most to greenhouse effect
A. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
B. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
C. Methane (CH4)
D. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCs)

1002. Scientist discovered a previously undetected feature of the human Anatomy that could be the largest organ of human body?
A. Brass
B. Pectora
C. Interstitium
D. Otic

1003. Which of the following does not pollute the air?
A. Nitrogen Dioxide
B. Sulfur dioxide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. none of these

1004. How long does it take for the moon to orbit the earth once?
A. 26.3 days
B. 27.3 days
C. 28.3 days
D. 30.3 days

1005. Which of the following is not a water soluble vitamin?
A. Tocopherol
B. Pyridoxine
C. Pantothenic acid
D. Niacin

1006. Human body is about _____ water by weight.
A. 50%
B. 60%
C. 70%
D. 80%

1007. Which layer of the atmosphere is mainly responsible for weather process

C.Troposphere *
D.Exosphere Exosphere

1008.The boundary that separates Troposphere and Stratosphere is known as?
C.Tropopause *

1009.Second layer of atmosphere Stratosphere extends from 12 Km to

A.40 km to 45 km
B.45 km to 50 km
C.50 km to 55 km *
D.55 km to 60 km

1010.In which zone of the earth, the ozone layers filters out the sun ultraviolet radiation?

B.Stratosphere *