241. Which of the following is a force?
A. Heat
B. Light
C. Magnetism
D. Kinetic

242. What animal has longest gestation period of about 640 to 660 days or 95 weeks of any land animal ?
A. Blue Whale
B. Elephant
C. Opossum
D. None of these

243. A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose?
A. Rhinologist
B. Otologist
C. Pathologist
D. Podiatrist

244. Which among the following types of lenses are prescribed by doctors for a patient suffering from astigmatism?
A. Cylindrical Lens
B. Concave Lens
C. Spherical Lens
D. Convex Lens

245. A convex mirror always ___________ ?
A. Forms a real image
B. Forms a virtual image
C. Forms an inverted image
D. Produces a larger image

246. The distance of a place South or North of equator is called__________?
A. Longitude
B. Latitude
C. Aptitude
D. None of these

247. The distance between the optical centre of a convex lens and its principal focus is called its_______?
A. Focal Length
B. Radius of Curvature
C. Power
D. Magnification

248. Why the colour of the Ocean appears blue?
A. Because the sunlight falling on it is scattered.
B. Because the sunlight falling on it is absorbed.
C. Because the sunlight falling on it is refracted.
D. Because the sunlight falling on it is reflected.

249. What type of a mirror is used in anti-shop-lifting-devices?
A. Convex mirror
B. Concave mirror
C. Plane mirror
D. Both (b) and (c)

250. Which of the following pairs belong to the category of cold blooded animals?
A. Snakes and birds
B. Bat and rats
C. Frog and snakes
D. Birds and monkey