111. Which of the following is not a mosquito born disease?
A. Dengue fever
B. Malaria
C. Sleeping sickness
D. Filariasis

112. Sleeping sickness in the natives of Africa is caused by________?
A. Trichomonas
B. Giardia
C. Leishmania
D. Trypanosoma

113. The main Constituent of Biogas is__________?
A. Methane
B. Hydrogyn
C. Oxygen
D. Carbin dioxide

114. Lock Jaw i.e. difficulty in opening the mouth, is a symptom of___________?
A. Chlorea
B. Plague
C. Diphtheira
D. Tetanus

115. Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are called___________?

A. Drones
B. Vectors
C. Hybirds
D. None of these

116. Disease beri beri is because of___________?
A. Lack of green vegetables in diet
B. Use of milled rice
C. Deficiency of calcium in bones
D. Poor use of citrus fruits

117. The study of forces acting upon bodies in motion in the air is called__________?
A. Aeronautics
B. Aerophysics
C. Aerodynamics
D. Aerofraction

118. The study of geographical areas, plants and animal distribution is called_________?
A. Cosmetology
B. Chorology
C. Osteology
D. Mycology

119. A branch of medicine dealing with eyes and related diseases is called_________?
A. Opthalmology
B. Obstetrics
C. Physiology
D. Haematology

120. Vitamin B1 is also known as____________?
A. Riboflavin
B. Retinol
C. Thiamine
D. Niacin