521. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named ?
A. Tesla
B. Force
C. Fermi
D. Newton

522. Animal without red blood cells is_________ ?
A. Frog
B. Earthworm
C. Snake
D. Crocodile

523. The andromeda Galaxy is which type of the following types of galaxies ?
A. Elliptical
B. Spiral
C. Irregular
D. None of these.

524. A pulsar is actually a___________?
A. Black hole
B. White dwarf
C. Red giant
D. Neutron star

525. Diabetes could be classified into______ types.
A. Two types
B. Three types
C. Four types
D. None of these

526. The human eye forms the image of an object at its________?
A. Cornea
B. Pupil
C. Iris
D. Retina

527. What is the average distance of the moon from earth?
A. 384,400 km
B. 350,000 km
C. 380,200 km
D. 384,500 km

528. Which is the biggest star in the Universe?
A. UY Scuti
B. Rigel
C. Canopus
D. Arcturus

529. which is the second brightest star in the Universe?
A. Betelgeuse
B. Vega
C. Canopus
D. None of these

530. Corona disease is a ________ disease?
A. Infectious diseases
B. Deficiency disease
C. Hereditary disease
D. Physiological diseases

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